New Video Series: Neighbor Profiles – Ray Klebba

Produced by Sylvia Springer / SpringCross Media

In the spirit of inspiring us all to remain active, engaged and influential, we are are pleased to introduce a new video series that tells the stories of our neighbors.

These interviews are comprised of interview footage that has been turned into short pieces by our fantastic videographer, Sylvia Springer. We thank our members for sharing their stories. They not only created the community that we love, they have important knowledge, insights and experiences that are relevant at every age.

Our first interview features long-time resident Ray Klebba. From celebrating with his neighbors and helping to build community space at Winnemac Park, to inspiring his friends in need and sharing his talents as a volunteer, Ray is a remarkable man who we all can learn from. Get to know Ray, and prepare to be amazed.

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Thanks to our community members for sharing their stories! Want to be interviewed, or know someone who would? Contact us.


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