Janice Humphrey: “On the Green Side of the Grass”


Produced by Sylvia Springer / SpringCross Media

We are delighted to post an interview with Janice Humphrey, a long-time North Center resident.

Janice lives in a two-flat built in 1904 on the Turner Farm grounds, complete with a two-horse stable she uses as a garage. While she initially had no intention of living near a train or a busy street, she now enjoys the benefits of living near both the El and Lincoln Avenue.

A member of the Boomers and Beyond competitive swim team at Welles Park, Janice describes the friendships she has made through swimming and the activities she enjoys with fellow teammates, including monthly brunch, Steppenwolf performances and international travel.

If you see her downtown with a butterly net, it’s likely she’s looking for birds — as a volunteer with the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, she documents the birds that collide with Chicago skyscrapers.

Learn more about how Janice spends her days and her “funnel theory” on life.

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