The North Side is Alive with the Sound of Music

by Jean I. Anderson

I am almost reluctant to tell you about this, because when a wonderful secret is discovered it sometimes becomes challenging to access. But, this is too wonderful to keep secret: We northsiders, including residents in the 47th Ward, have our own excellent community symphony orchestra!

It’s the Lakeview Orchestra, founded by musical director Gregory Hughes in 2013.

Orchestra members number about 70, all of whom are volunteers. Some are professional players with other orchestras, music teachers, or members of a wide variety of professions. All must go through a rigorous audition and commit to weekly rehearsals — more as a concert approaches. Members and management are all dedicated to bringing music excellence to our community.

Have you asked yourself what becomes a hassle with attending performances by classical orchestras? Too expensive? The cost of a ticket to our local Lakeview Orchestra is $10. And, the “Students in Seats” initiative gives students tickets for free … yes! no cost!

Parking availability and costs? Performances are held in the Lake View High School auditorium, with a parking lot adjacent to the auditorium or free street parking on Ashland. The venue is easily accessible by public transportation as well (note that the Nov. 18 concert will be Nettelhorst School on Broadway).

Programs too lengthy? These short programs begin at 7:30 p.m. and play through without intermission.

Ticket availability? Well, once you have heard the stellar quality of this group, ticket availability may be at a premium, so act fast.

This season’s first performance on Sept. 30 included Stravinsky, Brahms, and an absolutely stunning performance of Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2, Opus 102.  The soloist was Irina Feoktistova, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire in Russia, who has toured Russia, Europe and the U.S. Her technique was brilliant, bringing the fire of this piece to full flame. She received a three-minute standing ovation from an audience ignited by the beauty of her performance.

I anticipate that you will not want to miss out on the rest of the exciting season, so here’s the website for more information regarding the orchestra, including its mission to serve the community, and the schedule of performances. Move presto and check online now. You won’t feel lacrimoso.

Tickets Online: $15 / At the Door: $20
Students: Free, while tickets lasts


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