Science Speaker Series

From Bugs to the Big Bang, virtually enjoy cool science talks. We’ll hear University of Chicago scientists discuss their latest research.

4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Cosmology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Astronomers have cataloged millions of stars and galaxies during the last few decades by surveying the sky across different wavelengths of light. In the near future, the astronomical data volumes will reach unprecedented levels due to upcoming telescope surveys. Artificial intelligence (AI) not only enables automated studies of these large datasets, but also promises data-driven explorations of fundamental physical principles. A subset of these crucial topics will be discussed in this talk, with emphasis on the relevance of AI in modern scientific studies and the profound impact it may have on research methods. Estimations of the contents of the Universe, identification of rare astrophysical phenomena and other key examples at the intersection of cosmology and scientific machine learning will be explored.

Speaker: Nesar Ramachandra

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Meeting ID: 845 2223 7514
Passcode: 930143

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Meeting ID: 845 2223 7514
Passcode: 930143

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