Issues & Advocacy

Chicago Community Trust

Forward Chicago took part in the 2014 community-wide conversation about the city’s future sponsored by The Chicago Community Trust.

Forward Chicago’s community members are involved with housing, transportation, social, and financial initiatives related to aging and community. Below are some of the key issues we have engaged with and continue to support.

Age Friendly Chicago

Age Friendly Chicago

In 2012, Chicago joined the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities, adding to a growing number of cities and communities worldwide striving to better meet the needs of residents of all ages by creating “inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active aging.” (Also see: the WHO’s “Global Age-Friendly Cities: A Guide“)

Researchers at Northwestern University’s Buehler Center on Aging, Health & Society, working with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, set out to discover just how age-friendly Chicago is. In 2013, research leaders Rebecca Johnson and Amy Eisenstein, from the department of medical social sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, completed phase one of the baseline assessment to support city planning to maintain its Age-Friendly status.

Phase two included an environmental scan of global age-friendly indicators, interviews with 40 key stakeholders across Chicago’s public and private sectors, and an invitation to all older adults living in Chicago to participate in a community-wide Age-Friendly Chicago survey. Forward Chicago disseminated the survey and later invited Northwestern’s Rebecca Johnson and Amy Eisenstein to discuss the results.

Further analysis of both the qualitative and quantitative data from phase two will help to inform the development of a citywide Age-Friendly Chicago action plan.

Crosstown Bus Coalition

No. 11 Bus

Forward Chicago has joined with Alderman Ameya Pawar and community residents to advocate for the return of the No. 11 Lincoln Avenue bus, which provided transportation along a major city artery until the Chicago Transit Authority canceled the route.

We also support the Crosstown Coalition, an effort to restore the 31st Street bus line along with the No. 11 Lincoln Avenue bus. (Learn more: “North, South Siders Unite to Revive Lost CTA Bus Routes“)

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