Stop by the 47th Ward Health and Wellness Day

The 47th Ward is holding a Health and Wellness Day at Sulzer library in Lincoln Square this Saturday, September 29. The list of available services is terrific! There will be free flu immunizations; cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and bone density checks; body mass index and weight assessment; optometry and diabetci retinopathy screenings; and prescription check-ups with a pharmacist and consultations with a nurse practitioner. 

Stop by and take advantage of the great classes and lectures on offer as well! Here is the schedule:

Plan your day around these informative and interactive presentations!

10:00     Yoga for Health – Come enjoy the benefits of yoga.

10:30     Tai Chi – Learn about this ancient art from Elizabeth Wenscott, owner, Tai Chi Center of Chicago.

11:00     Brain Aerobics – Exercise your brain with Joni Gatz-Bauman, long-time brain health teacher.

11:30     Understanding the Chakras – Explore the 7 energy centers of your body with Paula Rosenfeld.

12:00     Herbal Remedies and Natural Products – Anthony Qaiyum of local gem,Merz Apothecary.

12:30     Oh, Just Bury Me in the Backyard! An inspiring and uplifting presentation by Loretta Downs.

1:00     The Ways Acupuncture Heals – Licensed Acupuncturist Natalie Shuler explains its healing power.

1:30      It’s Never Too Late to Rejuvenate – Learn why food is medicine with Marla BrodskyRD, LD, CNSD.

2:00      Concepts in CREATING Wellness – Jason Fennema, D.C. of Ravenswood Health Center

2:30      Health Care Power of Attorney: Why you need it, and how to get it. Kathryn Chapman, J.D.


Forward Chicago, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, envisions our neighborhoods as model communities for people of all ages, where residents can age in place while remaining active, engaged and influential.

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