Senior Artists Show Off Work at Local Cafe

The “Roots of Our Community” exhibit will be at Dolce Casa Cafe until Nov. 30.
By Sarah Flagg

The red brick of Dolce Casa Café framed more than 10 pieces of art and residents sipped wine while gazing at the proud work of area senior citizens.

Eight artists, part of the Senior Artists Network, held an opening reception Thursday night at the café.

(Read one artist’s touching story.)

The exhibit stems from a partnership between the Senior Artists Network, Chicago Mosaic School and Ward 47 Ald. Ameya Pawar’s office.

The Chicago Mosaic School approached the Ward 47 office with the idea of creating a mosaic that honored the area’s older adults. More than 30 senior citizens volunteered to put the 2-by-3-foot piece together.

When the piece was done, the ward invited other artists to display their work with the goal of uniting neighbors.

Pawar attended the reception and said the resilience of a community, especially in the wake of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, could be measured by whether or not people know their neighbors.

After he was elected, Pawar enlisted the help of resident Karen Kolb Flude and ward community liaison Dara Salk to create a way for neighbors to get to know each other, especially as they aged.

The two started Forward Chicago, an organization that works to help residents remain active, engaged and involved as they get older. The group hosts events and has volunteer opportunities throughout the community, such as the art exhibit.

“Art is something you do throughout a lifetime,” Kolb Flude said, adding its benefits in keeping the mind healthy as it ages.

The mosaic and artwork will be on display at Dolce Casa Café until Nov. 30.

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Forward Chicago, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, envisions our neighborhoods as model communities for people of all ages, where residents can age in place while remaining active, engaged and influential.