Sewing Circle is Growing! – Calling all crafty types!

Stars FWDCHI pic

Sewing Circle continues to be a great way to get together with other crafty types, we sure are having fun. We met on Wednesday at the library – what a great way to avoid the heat!

Arlene brought a tablecloth she had embroidered, it was remarkable (Check out the pictures). She worked on it for over 4 years, and was driven to finish by her grandmother saying she would never finish…we all know how a little push can help us to succeed! Can you believe that each star took over 2 hours and there were 17 rows vertically and 24 horizontally – well, you do the math – this tablecloth was an act of love, something that is

passed down through the generations. The pictures don’t do it justice…it is beautiful.

Karen brought some cut fabric for a quilt she is working on, and the group worked together on fabric choices to add. It’s always great to have the opportunity to get an outside perspective about your upcoming projects. I know I sure appreciate it!

Finally, we saw some excellent holiday aprons that Betty is working on. We were all inspired to get cracking on holiday projects. So cute!


We also had a great discussion about our favorite tools, and we all plan to bring more to share to our next meeting. When I was talking to someone who could not come to the meeting this month (it sure was hot getting to the library) she told me that she has been inspired to start new crafts and take up new hobbies as a result of our little group. That is what it is all about!

Join us next month – Wednesday, August 21st (we meet the 3rd Wed of every month!) from 10:30 – 12. We meet in the Sulzer Library – just past the check out desk (by the recent releases – just ask at the front desk).
Knitters, embroiders, quilters, people who sew (sewers? that doesn’t sound right!) – everyone is welcome. We usually bring a project we are working on or something we have created in the past. Join us for a lovely morning with other fantastic crafters!


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