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How do people really find work? Not thru standing in the “job search line” or tossing resumes into cyberspace. Job search, as all who have had to do it know, is not a rational process. The best resume simply does not win.

“Finding Work” takes a totally different approach. Instead of offering the same, tired advice; this book prompts individual action by using riveting stories and questions that will prompt the reader to start asking, “What if I did something different in my work search? The result is a book that goes beyond job search and speaks to a question relevant to ANY reader, “What if I started thinking differently about work?”

Revolving around “The Five,five key principles for charting your own unique path, “Finding Work” delivers is attention grabbing stories that are actually fun to read.

 “Finding Work” is the missing piece in the connection between a person and work. No magic. No experts. This book is a prompt to find one’s own answer to “How do I find work when there are no jobs?” 

Author Bio

Roger Wright started out as a Special Education Teacher and Workforce Development Executive. He is a ghost writer, leadership coach and training developer, a former senior executive in the technology sector, and has done extensive consulting in talent and change management in business, non-profit, government and faith based organizations. His “Chicago Guy” blogs are on the literary E-Zine Fictionique and the blog aggregators Our Salon & Open Salon.

He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Roger is the co-author of “I Am Your Neighbor: Voices from a Chicago Food Pantry.” His latest release is: “Finding Work When There Are No Jobs” (Think Different Press. Feb 2013)

He can be reached at www.findingwork.org

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