Contributions to the Community – Forward Chicago members making a difference!

IMG_4281I am always amazed at the generosity and kindness of our Forward Chicago members. You see this amazing photo – these were just casually dropped off at Ald. Pawar’s office by Forward Chicago member Betty Rogus.
Betty is a member of the Forward Chicago Craft Circle, and Lunch Bunch, and a supporter of many different community organizations. She also is quite crafty, with a lifelong passion for sewing. She makes jackets, aprons, more.

At our last Craft Circle we talked about the new Lincoln Square Friendship Center  that just opened. This super organization is a community space that is operating as a local food pantry and also a pet food pantry  (open the Third Thursday of the month). We discussed that the food pantry needed fabric bags for their patrons and to give to donors. You see, they want everyone to use these bags – to promote our local food pantry that is helping to support people when they need it most.

Our Craft Circle decided they wanted to do a “sew-in” and create bags for the new Lincoln Square Friendship Center. What is a “sew-in” you might ask? Well, that is when a group of crafty folks get together to work on a project. We divide the project into parts – one person irons, one person cuts fabric, one person sews on a machine, one person might make tea for the crafty folks, another might donate fabric – it is just a way to get folks together and work on a project using the skills and expertise of everyone – there is a role for every person there and it is a very good way to make projects come to life, quickly – it’s like a turbo project.

Betty said she might have a pattern we could use, and we decided to discuss it at the October meeting. Well, just before the October meeting – I got a call. Someone had donated fabric to the Craft Circle, did I want to come and pick it up? Well, a couple of days after, I picked up the bag and guess what – it was from Betty and she had not just donated fabric…she had started to make bags.  13 BAGS!!!!!!! And they are gorgeous. She made them on her own. Because she wanted to help a growing organization in the community. And she wanted to help those in need – and she donated her skills, time, and fabric to lovingly make bags – for those who need it most. Thanks Betty – you are amazing!

Our Sew in is going to happen in December, and it is going to be fun. Email if you would like to join us – there is room for all, if you would like to donate fabric, bring your sewing machine, or just come along and enjoy a lovely group of folks. Send us an email, or give us a call.

And make sure to thank Betty when you see her – she is one amazing woman who just keeps on giving. Yay Betty!




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