Delicious Cafe – Delicious is right! Newest Community Connection


Delicious Café

3827 N. Lincoln

Chicago, IL. 60613



Listen to the stories of Delicious Café and you begin to hear a common theme. The absolute delight at having discovered a personally favorite place. There are as many reasons for that personal delight as there are people. Somebody who had no idea what a “jerk chicken wrap” was, and now it is their absolute favorite new thing in the world.  The fact that a breakfast sandwich could taste that good AND leave you feeling like you’ve eating something so healthy. Listen to the stories and you’ll hear great detail about the delicacy and quality of Rishi Tea or small batch roasted Metropolis Coffee. Get someone talking about just how good the baked goods are at Delicious and the details will flow. But they always come back to that personal discovery of a neighborhood treasure. There is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Comfortable seating for all ages and the chairs and tables don’t all look the same. Local artists have their work on the walls. In the summer, there is a screen door. A personal touch I liked a lot. You’ll discover something personal at Delicious. And it will become your favorite.


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