Want a Divvy Bike station near you?

You may have seen the Divvy bike stations around our community – they are a low-cost, healthy way to get around. Divvy is looking for community input on where to put more bike stations around town. If you would like to make a suggestion, click here (http://suggest.divvybikes.com/page/about) or read more below.


Help Suggest Locations for More Divvy Stations

Divvy currently has 300 stations all across Chicago, but will adding 175 more stations in 2014. With 475 stations, Divvy will be the bike share system with the most stations in North America! With these new stations we’ll be able to expand in all directions into new neighborhoods while also filling in gaps in the current service area.


Divvy launched a website where you can make suggestions for locations of new stations.

On this map, you’ll see:

  • Current Stations
  • Suggested Stations by the Public

Because you know your neighborhoods best, we ask that you use this page to suggest new stations and provide comments on existing ones.

All of your input will be considered by the Divvy Siting Team.

Please feel free to share this page (suggest.divvybikes.com) with your friends, family, and community for their feedback.


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