Come and tell your story!

Chicago-based Writer and Documentary Filmmaker, Ebony Marie Coward is looking for interview subjects for a documentary called “Listen To Your Elders”.  Subjects must be senior citizens that willing to answer three questions in detail…


What is your fondest memory?

What is your biggest regret?

And finally, what message do you have for younger people?


There is unfortunately no compensation for these interviews as the documentary will most likely not make a profit.


I am looking for subjects from a variety of backgrounds, however, all subjects must speak English fluently.

If you have a picture of yourself from when you were younger that you would be willing to allow me to scan for inclusion in the project, that would be much appreciated.


The interviews will be no more than 30 minutes and take place in the 47th Ward Public Service Office 4243 N. Lincoln Ave, on February 17 & 24 from 10am to 12pm.

RSVP with a date: Dara Salk after 2/12 phone: 773-868-4747 or email


A consent form will be provided for each subject to sign at the time of our meeting.

If you are planning on participating, please give some thought to what stories you will be sharing, in order to be prepared for the interview.


Take a look at her other work:


Forward Chicago, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, envisions our neighborhoods as model communities for people of all ages, where residents can age in place while remaining active, engaged and influential.