Flexible Book Club

Flexible Book Club

When: Fourth Monday of the month: 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Check the calendar for upcoming dates
Location: Belle Plaine Commons, Community Room
2335 W. Belle Plaine Ave. (Parking on Belle Plaine)
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Flexible Book Club began with the “The Second Wind” book and tour by Dr. Bill Thomas, who blew into town in May of 2014.

Dr. Bill’s messages about out-growing adulthood and looking out for ageism were very well-received. The theater experience was different than a play, with the “actors” coming out to the lobby to meet the theatergoers during intermission! Anyone who saw the movie “Alive Inside” learned the impact music can have as we age. “The Second Wind” tour was a unique experience for all of us — interactive and thought-provoking for all.

We convened afterward to discuss next steps for how to think more holistically about our futures, as we age. We’ve evolved into the Flexible Book Club: Rather than everyone reading the same book, pick a book, article or particular website that interests you, and come ready to discuss, listen and learn.

It is great to meet people with such varying viewpoints that open our minds to different ideas and possibilities. Come join us for very lively discussions!

Reading second wind


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