Report from the Field: A New Face on Lawrence The Surpless & Dunn Building

Thanks to Pat McParland for this excellent report and update!

A New “face” will be appearing at the corner of Lawrence  and Leavitt Avenues with the closing and proposed reuse of the Surpless & Dunn, Inc. building (2150 W. Lawrence).  The Surpless family is leaving and considering a development company’s proposal to convert to 56 rental units with parking.    On May 16, Alderman Ameya Pawar, neighbors and the contractor held a community meeting at Borelli’s Pizza to see these new ideas and discuss concerns.  Everyone present expressed their hopes and concerns for the project.

Some ideas discussed are listed below with differing responses:

– green space landscaping on walls and roof
(Looks really good:  not enough green space)
– change in height of building
(Fits in with the neighborhood: 5 floors overwhelm area)
– size and number of rental units
(Right balance to attract young renters: too congested)
– usage of parking space
(Sounds more than adequate: can public use parking spaces)

– placement of parking entrances
(Okay since it’s off street in alley: too much congestion in alley with trucks)
– normal street traffic
(It can be handled: will add to new restaurant traffic and be congested)

While other topics were discussed, the above questions seem to come up frequently.  A member of the Surpless owner’s family expressed her confidence that this contractor and his company’s ideas would continue her family’s concern for and interest in the neighborhood.

The meeting seemed to answer some questions and create some new ones.  Sounds like more discussions may be coming.

Here is a link to the architect’s drawings


About Karen K.F.

Karen has lived in this area for 5 years. She loves to quilt, roam around her neighborhood, and enjoy her Forward Chicago family and neighbors.

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