Live with and love a pet

My husband and I were raised with dogs, so it’s no surprise that we have one (or is that two?) and a cat.

The one concession we’ve made in dog ownership is that as we’ve aged the dogs we’ve chosen to adopt are smaller. My in-laws in their, 80’s lost a dog to old-age. They tried to live dog-free, but they missed the joy of a smiling face and wagging tail whenever they entered a room. Now in their very late 80’s their current dog is only 12 pounds; 6 times smaller than the Irish Setter they raised with my husband.


My friend Rhoda lost her beloved Westie Zoe, last summer. After many months she felt ready for another fur-baby and I was happy to assist. While no dog can ever be replaced; her new rescue, Charlie, has his own special place in her life and heart. After mere weeks Rhoda’s cat Tilly’s acceptance of Charlie far surpassed the relationship she had with Zoe. You can see Rhoda & Charlie strolling around Revere Park several times a day, greeting their many friends along the way.

Are you thinking of adding a new furry faced family member?

Read this article:

If you’d like to see if your perfect pal is out there waiting for you, please call me and I’ll help you with your search. Dara 773-868-4747.

Note from the editor: If you have a pet who needs some assistance or need to help an animal (I once called her about guinea pigs left in the park), Dara is a wealth of information and can help to direct you to a resource in the area. She loves her animals!!!


This dog peed in my shoe last week. Cute, huh?


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