Storytime for Adults

I’m a child of the days of radio.  I loved to hear the “Hi Ho, Silver” of the Lone Ranger, the crash of junk coming down in Fibber McGee and Molly’s closet, the eerie music of Inner Sanctum, the deep laugh of The Great Gildersleeve.  Well, not everything can be relived, but Sulzer Library has a new program somewhat akin to those wonderful days of listening to the magic of the words, imagining in our own heads what the characters and settings were.  The program is Storytime for Adults, which meets the last Wednesday of the month.  The kick-off began in February with Librarian Jeff reading “Success Stories” by Russell Banks.  The 30 minute reading, done exceptionally well, told of a young man who, through pathetic and hilarious trial and error, finds the love of his life.  I know I’ll be there on Wednesday, March 27th at 1 o’clock in the Library Community Room for the reading of John Cheever’s “The Enormous Radio.”  Think about putting Storytime for Adults on your calendar.


Forward Chicago, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, envisions our neighborhoods as model communities for people of all ages, where residents can age in place while remaining active, engaged and influential.

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