Current Events Discussion Group Starting Sept 30

Current Events Flyer 2019

Listen to a talk, discuss what is happening, and add your ideas for change.

Chicago is a happening place, a place of fertile ideas. Let’s keep it up by listening to experts and discussing deep questions about topics that will be changing your world.

Sept 30 – – Is your vote safe? Who gets left out? Chicago’s concerns for the election.

Jim Allen, Chicago Board of Elections

Oct 14 – Chicago policing and community.

Wesley G Skogan, University of Chicago 

Oct 28 – Housing: Can we develop safe,affordable housing for Chicago? Noah Moskowitz, ONE Northside

Nov 11 The budget and graduated income tax.

Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

Nov 25 – Our changing earth: safe water, soil andair with climate change.

Aaron Durnbaugh, Loyola University

Dec 9 – Education: Schools for Chicago’s future.

Cassie Walker Burke,

 Time: 6pm-8pm

Place:Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Special prizes for those UNDER 30. Let us hear your voice.

Come to one, come to all – your choice!

Contact: Forward Chicago 773-633-8312 or email:

Facilitators: Dr. Tana Durnbaugh and Pat Wilder

Co-Sponsors:League of Women Voters Northside Unit, Forward Chicago, 40th Aldermanic Ward, 47thAldermanic Ward, Sulzer Regional Library

About Karen K.F.

Karen has lived in this area for 5 years. She loves to quilt, roam around her neighborhood, and enjoy her Forward Chicago family and neighbors.

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