Older Adults & Covid-19: Why Get Fit? with Karen McAuliffe

Older Adults & Covid-19

Join us each Thursday at 10:00 am on a conference call to hear about the latest developments impacting older people and their caregivers. Learn about local resources and get recommendations to help you, get you connected, and feel in control. 

This week:

Why Get Fit?
Karen McAuliffe, BA, ACE, ACSM

With 15+ Years in the field of fitness and specialties in running, triathlon, senior health and fitness, cancer care and pelvic wellness. Karen is the perfect expert to explain the importance of being fit, even when you can’t get out for your daily constitutional.

This event took place on Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 10:00-11:00 am

Watch a recording of this event:
https://zoom.us/j/341600860?pwd=TzlDWWo4MjFhdFRUODRIbi9vRU9KUhttps://zoom.us/rec/share/4c5kdJzW_GxOTc_vxlDBa_B6MZ35T6a8gCdIqPsNyU5qzjVg0n7kTMuse9Ti2NRR (Access Password: m7@1*2.K)T09

For more information, visit ForwardChicago.org or call 773-633-8312.

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