Older Adults & Covid-19 – Meditation to Achieve “Heartfulness”

Older Adults & Covid-19

Meditation to achieve “Heartfulness”
with Pradhan Balter

Pradhan will be speaking about meditation. While mindfulness has made the concept of meditation much more commonplace, he will not be talking about what is referred to as “mindfulness”; he thinks of it more as “heart-fullness”.

Pradhan recommends participants have a lit candle or flower or something that you really like in front of you during the meditation. It should be something that you relate to, something sweet and beautiful. If you don’t have anything, you should still join in; maybe you’ll figure out what that item is.

This meeting took place on
Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 10:00-11:00 am

Watch the recording of this meeting:
Password: 4P&1+wc3

For more information, visit ForwardChicago.org or call 773-633-8312.

Join us each Thursday at 10:00 am on a conference call to hear about the latest developments impacting older people and their caregivers. Learn about local resources and get recommendations to help you, get you connected, and feel in control. 

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