Soothing to Consider

Last week I stopped by Begyle Brewing to give them a bit of business buying a six pack, when I saw one of my favorite neighbors, Pastor Jason of Ravenswood United Church of Christ. I asked how he, his family and extended family IE: his congregation, were doing during these trying times. He said he’s been very busy.

There’s so much to adjust to: staying home for weeks on end, social distancing, missing family, concern for our friends and loved ones, not knowing if or when we can travel safely or when life will be back to some sort of normal. 

We’re all coping in our own and different ways. There’s an old saying “there are no atheists in foxholes”. Some of us are spiritual, others religious, some neither. We go to church or synagogue, or were raised in a religion and haven’t been in years. Others rarely or never went to a religious service, but these are unusual times.

Actually choosing and then going into a religious building may seem like a big step. But in times of virtual family gatherings and Zoom meetings perhaps a virtual or Livestream religious service could be comforting. It’s something to consider.

By Dara Salk

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