“Memories of an Apple Tree” by Steve Borzcik
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Bridging the days and years.

The games we play and the toys we enjoy are helpful as we move through the years. In my childhood years I lived in a small village with many pastures and trees. My home had a grove of trees in a small cluster. My brothers and I made the grove into rooms. The rooms changed depending on the story of the day. One brother wanted to be a cowboy so we often lived in the old west. Some days we lived in the world of knights and kings. We took good care of our homes. Gathering sticks and stones to build furniture and utensils and chasing away the bad people, we cared for our imaginary children. The hot days of summer were filled with our imaginary tales.

Our parents were happy to ignore our adventures. We allowed our imaginations to run across history and spaces. The entertainment was cheap. The stories were dark and tantalizing. The days flew. They were bridged by creative thoughts and developing brains. The grove is still at the old home place. Now different young children live in the space. I am hopeful they are bridging their lives to the stories and dreams of other spaces and places.

Did you ever use your toys to build imaginary worlds?
Who did you play with?
What is your best story?
Let me know.
Bridging the days in thoughts and imagination.

– Tana
Dr. Tana Durnbaugh lives in the Ravenswood area of Chicago. She co-houses with her son and his family. She loves stories and her little dog, Bess Truman.

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About tanad

Loving to discover new things my move to Chicago 5 years ago has been a real trip. All the activities required when you retire, downsizing, reestablishing priorities, allocating time in a different way, are now completed. My new life is full and slimmer. No more great yards, work on weekends or tight schedules. Time for bridge, Hand and Foot, concerts, theater, and grandsons. What fun.

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