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  1. Sharon Howerton

    I have at least two friends who sing in the Evanston group and another who sings with the Des Plaines one so have heard this fabulous piece before. I have sung at St. Gregory the Great Parish for most of the last 25 years, and one of our singers has created a group called

    Which I joined earlier this summer. There are maybe a dozen of us, many St. Gregory choristers, who have rehearsed by way of Zoom but when we can, we meet at St. Gregory’s courtyard parking lot where we can distance appropriately and always wear masks. We sing all kinds of languages and all kinds of styles. It has been a fabulous, fun experience and the only reason I joined now was because the rehearsals were virtual. If our choir can’t return and if this one doesn’t continue, I’ll have to find another place to sing!

    Sharon Howerton

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