My Experience Working at Playboy – It’s Not All About the Bunnies!

I worked for Playboy Enterprises as an Assistant Production Manager and retired in Jan 2011 after 26 years.

When I started in 1984 our offices were at 919 N. Michigan, years later we moved to 680 N. Lake Shore Drive.  The office space was very nice, light and pleasant. The executives had offices with glass windows facing the atrium.

The Production Department was responsible for receiving all the ads for each issue, which was part of my job. I also was responsible for various monthly reports and getting quotes on special invitations and Christmas cards for Mr. Hefner.  Layout of the book, inserting cartoons, and typesetting was all part of this department.

This was the best company to work for.  It was very casual, no dress code and everyone was very friendly. We had deadlines, but we all knew what needed to be done and when. Some people thought that Mr. Hefner was not that involved, but he was very involved in everything that went into the magazine.

We had a lot of parties, such as Halloween where employees dressed up. Mr.Hefner came to the last one in 2010 with his girlfriend, 2 sons, brother, and secretary.  Lingerie parties, some of the women that appeared in Special Edition would come as well.

Cube crawls, pizza parties, great Christmas parties, some in the office. Plenty of food, crab claws, shrimp, beef, mashed potatoes in Martini glasses. lots of dessert and of course drinks.  It was never wild or rowdy it was just a fun time.

It was a great 26 years, I could not ask for a better place to work.  It’s sad that the company is moving to California.

– Char Kawa


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