Lill Street Open Studios: Open the door to art!

Parking was easy, free and right out front on Ravenswood. We got in the door and it was just a delight. There was someone playing the guitar and people of all ages all around. I’m not sure if they have an elevator – so we took the stairs, which were fine.

The studios are on the second and third floors, and are divided by category. There are studios for painting, screen pressing, bead making, sculpture, fabrics and quilting…the list goes on and on. Most of the studios had students that take the classes there doing their art! There were snacks in each area too, so that was a nice treat for early evening.

The artists who teach and practice at Lill Street also have studios where they display and sell their art. Wow – are there some talented folks there. I just loved so many things – ceramics, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, photography, paintings – it was so fun to talk to the artists, and a what a feast for the eyes. I know where I will be going for my next gifts for family and friends!

Not only did I love looking around and seeing the art – I was also inspired by what people were doing. I am thinking of taking a class there – they have beginning classes all the way to advanced. I always hear that learning is lifelong, and when you are doing something new, sometimes it helps to have some guidance and others to go with you.

In short – I had a lovely time at Lill Street Open Studios. I did not buy anything on my first visit and there was no pressure to do so. I will definitely be back – it is so nice to support our community and I always am happy when I see all types of people of every age doing what they love. Go check it out!

Open Studios are held at Lill Street Art Center on the first Friday of every month.

– Karen Kolb


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