Go see it: GeNarrations – Scandalous Stories of our Neighbors

Hey! Listen to THIS! Armed robbery, child sexual abuse, lotharios, teenage sexploits, imprisonment, types of marbles, childhood “Come to Salvation Redemptions”…no, this isn’t the 6 o’clock news, nor is it the lowlife TV programming offered to the viewing public. This was GeNarrations, a joint project with the Goodman Theatre and the Chicago Senior Satellitessituated throughout Chicago. On Thursday, May 24, the North Center Senior Satellite location at Irving and Western presented a program of nine seniors who recorded and then shared their stories based upon experiences that changed their lives. The whole program was not only funny but also moving!

If you are a child of the radio days, when we anxiously awaited the next segment of the Lone Ranger or Sky King or the Cinnamon Bear, here is an opportunity to relive the excitement of listening to stories that captivate your imagination and attention, stories told by the people whose lives were ultimately and dramatically changed. These stories revealed strength, wisdom and endurance against some of life’s most challenging experiences. And, as well, some stories recalled wonderful childhood moments, growing up in Chicago neighborhoods where the biggest challenge was finding the best place to play a game of marbles with exotic names like rubies, toothpaste, aggies, crystals and cat’s eyes.

DO NOT miss the opportunity to hear these tales again. Three writers selected from Senior Satellites throughout the city will read his or her story at the Renaissance Room in the Cultural Center, Michigan and Randolph, on Saturday, June 9th from 10 am ’til noon. The North Center Satellite will host another reading on Sunday, June 24th from 1 to 4 pm., featuring, among others, Nicole Hollander, the cartoonist who brought us the inimitable “Sylvia.” The writers’ program at the Satellite will take a summer hiatus but will resume in the fall. If you would like to join a writers’ group, please contact Liza Martin, Satellite Director, for more information. You can reach her at 312-745-4015.

– Jean Anderson


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