Greetings from Chilly DC

Here is a little update for “Dara’s Report” and for Karen to use as a blog for Forward Chicago.
Yesterday was the coldest day here in 2 yrs!  Though not as cold as the weather you are having there. I am very happy that I brought my long down coat – I would have been miserable standing outside all day during the Inauguration.
We have had a fabulous time in our Nations Capitol during this time of celebration. Over and over we were reminded at the wonder of our country’s passing of leadership in a peaceful and orderly way for so many years and how lucky we are to be Americans!
Our view of the Inauguration was almost perfect; aside from a couple of ill-placed trees. What was totally perfect was the friendly, happy crowd. We met people from all over the country – even Alaska!  One of the benefits of staying with our daughter and son-in-law is that they live only a mile from the Capitol; walking everywhere makes the city so accessible. Yesterday we spent the morning with the team from Morning Joe as they broadcast from an Irish Pub in downtown DC.
I have attached a few photos; one from Congressman Quigley’s view of the inauguration.

Stay warm!


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