47th Ward Gardening Workshops

Late last winter while waiting for spring to finally come to Chicago I decided to take a page from many other neighborhoods in the city and try to get a gardening group started. Many interesting neighbors came to our first meeting to discuss their gardens and what they would like to learn and do.  A series of informative monthly workshops were scheduled and were very well attended.

Experts spoke to us about trees, native plants, and more. We visited the American Indian Center and Waters Community Garden; among other events. We also discussed advocating the planting of corner and parkway gardens; which I am happy to say has been an ongoing initiative. Matty K Hardware even gave a discount to community gardeners. The Friends of Courtenay School hosted a wonderful Plant Swap in May and we hope to have another one this spring.

Our last meeting was the first week of February on a cold and snowy Saturday morning. 30 plant lovers bundled up, brushed off their cars and enjoyed a wonderful morning in the Gethsemane Greenhouse.  We all appreciate the information and tips that were offered and the questions they  answered regarding all aspects in the care of houseplants. Some of us took advantage of the discount they offered our group to purchase lush new plants to brighten our homes as we wait for Spring.  If you would like a copy of the instructive handouts they gave us, let me know. Many thanks to everyone at Gethsemane – they really know what it means to be a good neighbor.

We are about to embark on planning for our 2nd year. If you are interested in plants or in people who like plants, please join us. Keep watching this site for news on upcoming events or call me: Dara 773-868-4747

47th Ward Gardening Workshop Flyer


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