Lunch Bunch at Gene’s

IMG_3880IMG_3881When we last met for lunch bunch it was a gorgeous summer day, just like we hoped. We met on the roof of Gene’s Sausage Shop at 4750 N Lincoln at noon. The rooftop restaurant is a pretty traditional beer garden concept, sausage, potato salad and beer, you get the idea. It is not a traditional restaurant though, order and pick up your own food, no wait staff. Be sure to bring cash, though there is an ATM as well.

Once we navigated the picnic tables, everyone enjoyed their food. Being on the roof made it really special, the rooftop is spectacular! The planters, breeze and company made it another big success.

Gene’s is a great hidden gem, so don’t tell anyone!

ROOFTOP HOURS:  Thurs.-Sat. 11AM-8PM
                                      Sunday 11AM-4PM

(Food Service Stops 1 Hour Prior to Close)

Check out the website, and don’t forget to stop by the store for some great meat for the grill, a fantastic wine, beer, and liquor section, artisan cheeses, imported sundries and teas, and the deli – you’ll be set for the week! PS they also have delicious sweets for after dinner 🙂


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