Gorgeous Morning at Winnemac Park!

Jerry's view of the ParkIt was last Wednesday, September 25, around 7:00AM. Going north on Western avenue, I noticed beautiful patches of fog in parts of Welles Park. After I had completed my first task of the morning, I was turning south on Damen from Winnemac and noticed more of the rarely seen fog patches in Winnemac Park. Fortunately, I spotted a parking place and promptly took it. Fog was abundant in the park, so as I enjoyed the beauty of it all, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures to share the experience with friends. What I particularly liked, was a stream of fog floating about eight to ten feet off the ground. I tried to capture it by framing it between the indigenous plant from the prairie garden and a pair of trees on the right. The experience put me in a fine mood for the rest of the day.

Jerry Perkins is one of Forward Chicago’s talented volunteers – thanks for sharing Jerry!


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