Constantine Bacil: Living in the Moment, Honoring the Past


Produced by Sylvia Springer / SpringCross Media

We are delighted to introduce the fifth interview in our video series: Meet Constantine Bacil, a neighborhood resident since 1959.

Constantine, 83, takes us back to his Greek roots in the neighborhood and so much more. He reminisces about living in the Lincoln Square community for over 55 years, from his early visits to Welles Park and graduating from Amundsen High School to the bar that was once under the Western Avenue El station.

He also talks about volunteering — he’s a member of the Council on Aging — and his love of photography and videography.

Visit Constantine’s YouTube channel to view his latest videos, which include everything from a tour of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago to fish gliding in an aquarium. The music pairings create a meditative experience.

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Thanks to our community members for sharing their stories! Want to be interviewed, or know someone who would? Contact us.

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