Go See Still Alice with Friends and Talk About It: We did!

Still Alice movie A group of Forward Chicagoers went to a matinee at Landmark Century Theater on Monday to go see Julianne Moore’s Oscar-nominated performance in “Still Alice.”

This movie shows a brilliant professor who experiences the life-changing impact of early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

While this type of Alzheimer’s Disease is not particularly common, the symptoms certainly mirror those that some of our loved ones who have experienced the disease later in life — though at a slower pace.

This movie explores the changes that happen for the individual as well as for the family. Julianne Moore will undoubtedly win an Oscar for her courageous role, and it is one that is thought provoking and moving.

Go see it with some friends, and talk about your thoughts afterward. Our group certainly needed to talk after the film — about our own concerns, about how realistic the trajectory of the disease was, and also the impact on the individual and family. It’s worth two hours and more!

The Alzheimer’s Association also features the film as part of its movement to wipe out Alzheimer’s. Check out the film’s trailer here.

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