Walkers’ Update: A Re-Visit to the West Ridge Nature Preserve

Several of our Walkers may recall our October 27th, 2015 visit to the (then) newly opened West Ridge Nature Preserve. Well, we are happy to report that the park has pretty much already grown into its own in just a single growing season!

A recent late July visit found the Preserve in full-bloom, with the restored indigenous wild flowers and grasses leading the way. Last fall’s visible scars from the renovation are but memories, with only the paved pathways giving clues to the work that was done. I guess you could say that the emerging nature-scape makes it look like little was done to upset a natural setting – and that is the ultimate compliment.

We urge our walkers to re-visit this gem, and our other Forward Chicago enthusiasts to take a look at this wonderful Chicago Nature Preserve, located at 5801 N. Western Avenue.

There is one comment

  1. Jerry Perkins

    Rumor has it that a nearby destination, Rosehill Cemetery is in the works for Tuesday, October 18th. Our own Jean N. is working on the itinerary. So far, we plan to enter via the Western Ave. entrance. Rides will be provided from the current Welles Park meeting area for those that need them. I will add posts here and on Facebook as details materialize.


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