Come for a Talk, Come Back for a Movie

Several folks who are involved and enjoy Forward Chicago’s offerings live at Bethany Retirement Community, 4950 N. Ashland. They’ve recognized that the Forward Chicago mission for all of us to be connected, active, engaged and influential in our community is very much in line with what our neighbors at Bethany Retirement Community are doing.  We’d like to get to know them better and they’d like to be involved in the activities that our Forward Chicago members offer. To that end, we’ll be sharing some programming with them. Take a look at our calendar. Coming this week:

On the 2nd Friday of the month (March 9th) learn from experts at our  Health Awareness Series 1:30-2:30pm. 

10 Healthy Habits for Each and Every Day- Incorporating small, yet powerful health habits into our daily routine brings powerful and positive effect on our physical, mental, and brain health.  We’ll examine the benefits of 10 healthy habits, as well as strategies to integrate them seamlessly into your life. Randi Kant has great ideas and is an energetic speaker.

We will have the Bystander CPR class in April! Snow showers got in the way of our first talk so come out on Friday!

On March 10th at 2pm, enjoy a “sing along” movie you may have seen it before or if you missed it at the movies you can enjoy if for the first time. How much fun will it be in a group and belting out “Ding dong the witch is dead” during the Wizard of Oz on Saturday? Free popcorn!

Both programs are at Bethany Retirement Community 4950 N Ashland Ave. Plenty of street parking and they have a lot on Winnemac.

Where In The Square?!

Forward Chicago is planning our 2nd “Where in the Square” Historic Site Scavenger Hunt. Join your neighbors for a scavenger hunt and learn more about the history of Lincoln Square on September 30, (Rain date – Oct. 1).

This fun event for all ages and abilites will be a lovely morning of learning, exploring, and discovery. Have a great time getting to know your neighbors and your neighborhood. Celebrate the finale with treats and prizes.

Pick up your maps AND bring them back to Welles Park (look for table & ballons near the Gazebo)

Rain date is October 1st 10am -1pm.

Cost is $5 per person and high school students and children free. Scholarships available.

 Be part of the adventure and discover the stories of Lincoln Square. For more information please email or click here to register.

Classical Music for the Masses AKA Musical Mondays

Do you enjoy music? How about classical music?

Musical Monday is your chance to sample some of the best-known, best-loved pieces of classical music. Starting in September, six bi-weekly evenings are planned to introduce classical music to the curious. Each segment will provide some information about the composer, and the circumstances of the music, but these are not lectures. The emphasis is on listening to music. There will be 3 to 6 selections each evening, all orchestral music, and mostly short pieces; half of them are 8 minutes or less. Over the course of the 12 weeks the schedule lists 27 different compositions by 25 different composers. After we finish the program each week, there should be ample time for some discussion.

Musical Monday: beginning September 11 at Sulzer Library, 6pm until 8. Other dates include Sept 25, Oct 2, 16 & 30 and Nov 6

Aging Chicago Style: A User’s Guide to Housing

Here is our updated list of speakers; you won’t want to miss this. Learn from local experts and those who have been there how you can age where you want.

To register or for more information, call 773-633-8312 or go to

Muddling Through It: Stories of Staying Put, Moving, and Sharing Space
Housing as You Age: The Space and Mindset to Get You from Here to There
– Kate Krajci, LCSW Life Changes Counseling and Care Planning & Brad Winick, AICP, Planning/Aging
Moving, Decluttering, and Real Solutions for Staying Safe at Home
– Marnie Dawson, Dawson Relocation Services, Drina Nikola, Dwelling Spaces Places
Housing as You Age: Understanding the Options and Alternatives – James Rudyk, Northwest Side
Housing Center – Liz Corrado, Open Communities, Bruce Otto, H.O.M.E.
Making YOUR Financial & Legal Plan
– MacKenzie Hyde, Clark Hill, PLC & Jim Flanagan, Bentron Financial

Click here  for a great article from the Chicago Tribune


Join us June 24th for Aging Chicago Style: A User’s Guide to Housing

Are you interested in alternatives to traditional senior living?

Are you a family caregiver?

Are you interested in creating the housing for your future?

June 24  from 9:00am-3:00pm

Anderson Pavilion 2751 W Winona Ave

Join us to learn about accessible & alternative options from local experts and those who have been there how you can age where you want.

We’ll discuss:

  • Home Modifications
  • Golden Girls Style: Home Sharing Today
  • Moving and Downsizing
  • Legal Options and Financial Considerations

Parking is $4 all day. Never miss an event because you don’t have transportation. If you need a ride, please call 773-633-8312.

Registration Information

$20 suggested donation (includes box lunch)

To register or for more information, call 773-633-8312 or go to

Join us to learn from local experts and those who have been there how you can age where you want. We’ll discuss:

  • Home Modifications
  • Golden Girls Style: Home Sharing Today
  • Moving and Downsizing
  • Legal Options and Financial Considerations

Parking is $4 all day. Scholarships available

Click here for a flyer:

Aging Chicago Style Flyer

Can exercise protect against Alzheimer’s Disease? The EXERT study is trying to find out . . .

Putting exercise to the test in people at risk for Alzheimer’s

February 6, 2017

Can exercise slow or prevent cognitive decline in older people who are at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease? A new clinical trial led by NIA-supported scientists in collaboration with the YMCA aims to find out whether exercise may be an effective nondrug treatment for staying cognitively fit.

EXERT trial logoThe trial, called EXERT, will enroll 300 people, age 65 to 89, with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition of mild memory problems that often leads to Alzheimer’s dementia. Based on the trial’s results, the researchers hope to develop an evidence-based “prescription” that will tell people the type and frequency of exercise needed to support memory and thinking skills.

Interested in learning more? Read the link below, and contact Dr. A at Rush for more information.

(article) EXERT study

(for more information about study) EXERT Study flyer_0225

Live with and love a pet

My husband and I were raised with dogs, so it’s no surprise that we have one (or is that two?) and a cat.

The one concession we’ve made in dog ownership is that as we’ve aged the dogs we’ve chosen to adopt are smaller. My in-laws in their, 80’s lost a dog to old-age. They tried to live dog-free, but they missed the joy of a smiling face and wagging tail whenever they entered a room. Now in their very late 80’s their current dog is only 12 pounds; 6 times smaller than the Irish Setter they raised with my husband.


My friend Rhoda lost her beloved Westie Zoe, last summer. After many months she felt ready for another fur-baby and I was happy to assist. While no dog can ever be replaced; her new rescue, Charlie, has his own special place in her life and heart. After mere weeks Rhoda’s cat Tilly’s acceptance of Charlie far surpassed the relationship she had with Zoe. You can see Rhoda & Charlie strolling around Revere Park several times a day, greeting their many friends along the way.

Are you thinking of adding a new furry faced family member?

Read this article:

If you’d like to see if your perfect pal is out there waiting for you, please call me and I’ll help you with your search. Dara 773-868-4747.

Note from the editor: If you have a pet who needs some assistance or need to help an animal (I once called her about guinea pigs left in the park), Dara is a wealth of information and can help to direct you to a resource in the area. She loves her animals!!!


This dog peed in my shoe last week. Cute, huh?

Musical Mondays: New Classical Music Appreciation Series Coming this Fall!


Member Bill Charles has a profound love of music and he wants to share it. Thus, he has created a series for people who would like an informal introduction to classical music.

There will be six sessions, each with between 3 and 6 pieces of orchestral music. Most of the time will be spent just listening to music, with brief discussions between the pieces.

We will sample music that has been written over a span of almost 270 years. Some will be excerpts or movements from larger pieces; others, the shorter ones, will be played in their entirety. Each selection will have a very brief introduction about the piece, or the composer, or both.

Please plan to join us in the fall at Sulzer for this series. Mondays beginning in September.

This is a great example of how Forward Chicago works. Members decide what they want to do and we work together to make it happen. We have done scavenger hunts, talks, a conference, book clubs, movie and theater group, a walking club…the list goes on. Would you like to start something? Lets chat and make it happen!

lifelong learner written on chalkboard